SSAU nanosatellite is waiting for shipment to the space-launch complex

“SamSat-218” passed a full cycle of ground testing on the basis of SSAU Interuniversity Department of Space Studies and the Nanosatellites Testing Centre before shipment to the company.
According to Oleg Vlasenko, the Project coordinator from the Rocket and Space Centre “Progress”, a leading designer of the Department for Coordination and Management of Research and Development, some part of the experimental development was carried out in the Rocket and Space Centre. “We conducted pilot fit tests of mass-size balancing model of the nanosatellite “SamSat-218” and its launching transporting container. Some disadvantages of the flight unit were found and removed”.
The nanosatellite has successfully passed the entrance control at the Rocket and Space Centre and now it is waiting for shipment to the space-launch complex Vostochniy.
The first Russian students’ nanosatellite “SamSat-218” is designed and manufactured in the Intercollegiate Department of Space Studies of Samara State Aerospace University.
The nanosatellite “SamSat-218” solves a number of technological and educational problems. First of all, it is intended for testing algorithms for nanosatellites orientation controlling.
“SamSat-218” will be sent into orbit within the framework of the first launch campaign from the space-launch complex, together with a small spacecraft “Aist-2”, the creation of which is performed by the experts of the Rocket and Space Centre together with SSAU scientists.