The Laboratory of the Research of the Nanosatellite Motion Dynamics Influence on the Navigation and Communication in Space


The equipment of the laboratory allows imitating the angular and partially spatial nanosatellite motion with the use of robotized FANUC M-10iA/12HS manipulator means with the accuracy of positioning of 0,08 mm in three planes and the weight of tested object no more than 10 kg.

The external means of objective motion control in the form of the two high-speed cameras provide the accuracy of measurement of the angular and spatial position of the nanosatellite installed on the manipulator.

The equipment of the laboratory allows imitating the linear rates and accelerations of the nanosatellite motion and carrying out the onboard measuring equipment calibration, and together with the weightlessness system imitating the process of the nanosatellite separation from the adapter at nonzero angular rates.