The Laboratory of the Nanosatellite Motion Control System Testing


The laboratory is equipped with the simulator stand for research of the nanosatellite motion concerning the mass center in zero-gravity state.

The stand is equipped with the simulators of the Earth magnetic field, the Sun, the moving stellar sky and allows carrying out the tests of the attitude systems of the nanosatellites weighing no more than 4 kg and having dimensions no more than 120х120х400 mm. Besides it, equipment can used for the metrological tests of measuring sensors and executive devices.

The stand performances:

— the range of reproduction of the constant magnetic field without the Earth magnetic field: ±150 micro tesla;

— the relative error of the reproduced magnetic field: <10%;

— the nonuniformity of the magnetic field in working volume in the magnetic system: in value <20%, in direction <5%;

— the intensity of the solar radiation flux of 1400 W/m2 with the expansion angle of a beam of 12º;

— the accuracy of the stellar sky displaying of 1º