Deadline for Participants Registration in Summer Space School  April 11, 2016
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The deadline for student rep bio and abstract has been postponed. The new deadline is May 15th. However, early submission is recommended.

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Introduction to the Deorbit Device Competition

UNISEC-Global is a consortium of local chapters (UNISEC-xx) that aim at facilitating university students’ practical space projects such as building and launching satellites and rockets. As a part of space community and as an educational entity, we are responsible for improving awareness of long term sustainability of space activities. For several years, space-faring communities have recognized the mounting risk posed by orbital debris and possible approaches to mitigate the contribution by pico/nano/micro-satellites should be considered, such as devices for expedited or controlled re-entry at the end of satellite’s mission life.


The 7th Nanosatellite symposium, the 4th Mission Idea Contest, and the 4th UNISEC-Global Meeting will be held on October 17-23, 2016 at Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey