The Laboratory of Production, Assembly and Testing of the Nanosatellite Electronic Systems


The laboratory equipment allows making the combined installation and repairing of printboards, with the use of as well the components mounted in bores as the SMD components with the array of BGA outputs.

The assembling line is equipped with the precision batchmeter and the template printer for putting the adhesives, soldering paste, fluxing materials; the semiautomatic device of component placement; the melting oven of the soldering paste; the printboard ultrasonic cleaning system.

The semiautomatic device of component placement allows working with the printboards: 370 mm x 235 mm x (0,5–2) mm, and the pointing accuracy of 0,1 mm.

The repair center for SMD components and chips in the BGA, LGA case, etc., allows performing works on component mounting/dismounting.

The BGA repair station provides the accuracy of about +/-0,015 mm from standard sizes of the components from (01005) to 50 mm.